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We assist people in their effort to become debt free

United Debt Counselors is a debt settlement firm in Plano, Texas.  We help educate and inform people of their options and, in many cases, help them find solutions to some of their biggest challenges.  For our customers, beyond the challenges of debt and negative cash flow, there is an emotional and family stress that often has the biggest impact on their quality of life.For those who successfully complete our program, we help them live comfortably again by cutting their credit card debt.If you’re like others who have a lot of debt, that is completely normal! Over 19 million or 6% of Americans have $10k or more in credit card balances**. Maybe you’ve tried putting yourself on a strict budget, only to find it is not only extremely difficult, but the extra amount of money that you’re able to save and put towards your debt hardly makes a dent. And when you come to the realization that it could possibly take you years – even decades – of sacrifice, of scrimping and saving, to pay off all that debt, if you’re like our customers, you start looking for other ways to deal with it.

*Not all consumers complete the program.  No guarantees of specific results are made.  Importantly, all debt settlement programs will have a negative impact on your creditworthiness if you don’t timely pay your creditors, and may result in an increase in debt amounts until they are settled and paid because of interest and fees.

**Reference: A recent study by the National Foundation of Credit Counseling

Do Nothing

Doing nothing is what many consumers have done to reach the point where they finally realize they need serious help. To change your debt situation, you must take action. Failure to take action may have a negative result on your situation.

Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling companies negotiate lower interest rates with your creditors – not a lower principal balance. So, in the end, if you DO pay off all your debt, you still end up paying ALL of what you owe, plus whatever new interest rate they negotiate.


UDC is not a law firm and is not permitted to provide legal advice relating to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may be the best solution for some consumers, and in order to determine such, you should consult with a bankruptcy attorney.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is combining several unsecured debts into one monthly bill with the impression of a lower interest rate and payment. You are only restructuring your debt, not eliminating it.

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