10 Tips To Improved Personal Budgeting

Spending less than we make is often cited as the most important personal finance goal. It helps us get out of debt, save for emergencies, and stash money away for retirement. It's the primary habit that enables us to achieve some level of financial freedom. Here are some tips for more effective and stress-free budgeting. [...]

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Retirement Plan Tips

Many of the brightest and hardest-working marketing and advertising people in the country are obsessed with getting you to spend money and, if necessary, to go into debt to do so. Absolutely all the media that reach you every day are designed to get you to spend money. To save money in this environment, [...]

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4 Ways to Avoid Financial Disaster with Good Planning

It's tough to get by financially in today's fast-paced life.  With mortgages, car notes and massive amounts of credit card debt, most people struggle to get by from month to month.  With most people doing what they can just to pay their bills, few people are prepared for the unlikely event of a financial [...]

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