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We Can Help You In Your Effort To Get Out of Debt. 

You’ve come to our site because you’re looking for answers. Does this describe you?

You have high credit card balances
·  All, or most, of your cards have high interest rates
·  You usually keep up with your payments, but your balances never seem to go down
·  You have very little money left at the end of the month, or maybe you’re even borrowing money just to pay your bills
·  The thought of ever having enough money to retire, save for the kid’s college (or anything else) seems like a total fantasy
·  You realize all this financial stress is negatively impacting your overall quality of life and something HAS to change

If that sounds like you – UDC May Be Able to Assist

Here’s how the program works:

Step One:
Our Debt Consultant will work with you to see if our program may be right for you, and if so create a program tailored to your situation.

Step Two:
We will then set up an appointment with one of our nationwide Field Representatives who will personally come to meet you at a location of your choice (Home, Coffee Shop, etc.) so that they can review all paperwork with you, answer questions, and have you sign your enrollment package. For most states, we sign our customers up in a face to face meeting

Step Three:
Once you have enrolled and at your option, you may setup a special purpose savings account with an independent third party financial institution.  Generally, we suggest using Global Client Solutions, LLC (GCS), but the ultimate choice remains with the client. The funds that accrue in this account will include those to pay our enrollment fees and eventually savings used to negotiate and pay off the settlements.

Step Four:
For funds to build up in your dedicated program account, we will ask you to agree to an automatic draft of an agreed-upon monthly program payment from your regular bank account. If at any time you are able to put extra funds into the account, you may be able to achieve settlements sooner. There’s no penalty for saving more than the monthly scheduled amount.

Step Five:
Once you have enough funds in your account, we will approach the first creditor with a settlement offer, normally around 30-40% of what is owed. Once a settlement is negotiated and you agree to it, you may transfer funds directly from your dedicated savings account to pay the settlement.

This process is repeated as we endeavor to settle each of your debts! Take your first step today!

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